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Elder Council


Letters to Our Children and/or Grandchildren

At the Elder Sunday service on October 22, Elder Council member, Jim Brown, issued a “Call to Action”, under the theme of the service, “We were made for these times”.  In his call, he suggested that one thing we as parents and grandparents can do to offer a positive message to loved ones during these challenging times in our society is to write letters of hope and love to our children, grandchildren or great-grandchildren. In such a letter, we can convey powerful messages of support to younger family members or friends.  Words of hope, love and support can be very powerful when written from the heart, and they can be transformative, replacing uncertainty or fear with hope, conveying the values you want them to adopt and live by, and offering support for the positive actions they might take in their lives.

On behalf of the elders of our church, some with nearly 100 years of life experience, we, the members of the FCC Elder Council, encourage you to write a letter of hope, love and encouragement to one or more of the “next generation” members in your family—or to another young person you know.  We also ask you to sign the “Letters to Loved Ones” Pledge on the easel in the lobby of the church.  Doing so, we believe, will create a strong tide of love and encouragement to those who are following us on life’s journey and will empower them to help make a positive difference in their corner of the world.  Thank you for considering this brave and noble act of love for our families and our world.  “We were, indeed made for these times”, and we are called now to empower those who will follow us to lead lives that will help make the world a better place.  Please write this month to a younger person you love.  Perhaps arrange to have them receive your message at Thanksgiving, Christmas or as the New Year begins to inspire them to follow the path of hope, love and kindness that you pray will guide them on their journey.

The Wisdom Wall  

The members of the FCC Elder Council are honored to introduce the new FCC “Wisdom Wall”, which was unveiled for the first time on Elder Sunday, October 22. This project, led by Pastor Janet Scott, features photos and “words of wisdom” from church members who are age 90 or more. These elders, now in their 10th decade of life, have accumulated much wisdom along their life’s journey, and we wanted to capture some of that guidance in a way that would honor the lives they have lived and offer words to live by for those who wish to live similarly long and honorable lives. We encourage you to stop by the Wisdom Wall in the atrium, near the Fellowship Hall to visit these wise elders and to absorb a few words of wisdom you can carry with you on your journey out into the world.  Thank you to Suzanne Congdon and Pastor Janet for their work in creating this tribute to our wise elders.

Elder Wisdom Circle

The Elder Council will be sponsoring a new discussion series this fall for those who would like to be part of an ongoing conversation about spirituality and aging.  This process, called Elder Wisdom Circle, will be facilitated by Pastor Janet, Suzanne Congdon and Stan Paine, all members of the Elder Council.  We invite you to consider joining us for a rich discussion process.  Please watch the Shalom, the website and Sunday bulletin announcements for more information about the start date and the time and location of group discussions.

The Elder Council

The Elder Council was formed in February 2012 to define and develop a ministry at FCUCC that addresses spiritual dimensions of aging and related issues in the second half of life.

With the belief that aging comes not only with inevitable changes and challenges but also with the potential for much spiritual growth and fulfillment, the Elder Council, working with other groups within the congregation, seeks to support a range of aging-related programs and opportunities, including intergenerational activities, that focus on important issues in the second half of life.  Elder Council activities include the annual Elder Sunday celebration, monthly Third Act luncheons and periodic discussion groups and forums on topics related to aging and spirituality.

For more information about the Elder Council—or to share your thoughts about a ministry on aging—please contact the Elder Council facilitator, Stan Paine (scp6949@gmail.com) or Pastor Janet Scott.

Elder Council mission statement (adopted May, 2013)

The mission (purpose) of the Elder Council at First Congregational United Church of Christ, Eugene, is to embrace aging as a spiritual journey throughout one’s lifetime, to learn and share the lessons and resources of aging and to offer to the congregation the wisdom and gifts of eldership.

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    Intergenerational Sunday School — November 26
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    Order Christmas Wreaths by Nov. 26
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    Advent Festival Work Party Thurs. Nov. 30 ~ helpers needed!
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    Hosting Interfaith Shelter beginning Jan. 2
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  • Letters to Our Children/Grandchildren
    Letters to Our Children/Grandchildren
    At the Elder Sunday service on October 22, Elder Council member, Jim Brown, issued a “Call to Action”, under the theme of the service, “We were made for these times”.  In his call, he suggested that...
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