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The Vision: To develop together an enduring relationship of mutuality, hope and trust, as we seek to be in relationship “beyond borders.” As we draw together our communities of different nationalities, languages, class, race, and life circumstances, we seek to do our part to make real God’s dream of wholeness, peace, and justice for all creation.

Tasajera News and Updates

We Covenant with our Partners in Tasajera, El Salvador

Since 2008, First Congregational Church has partnered with the rural fishing community of Tasajera, El Salvador. Our relationship began with supporting healthcare on the Island, and since then our work together has expanded to include environmental stewardship, economic development, access to clean water, and now a focus on education. Our Tasajera sisters and brothers have identified education as the single most important area of development of their community. Through the technical and cultural assistance of the Centro de Intercambio y Solidaridad (CIS) and the leadership of the Tasajera community, together we have established a scholarship fund for Island residents who wish to complete high school or university studies. Never before has this community had full access to education beyond the 9th grade.

The Tasajera Scholarship Program assists students with tuition, supplies and transportation assistance. The students and their families also contribute to the costs of education. The students, through the support of CIS and the Tasajera Scholarship Committee, are encouraged in their studies and return service to their community while they further their education.

In 2015, we were able to help support fourteen students. It costs approximately $1,000 to fund one student for the school year. Would you consider a gift of this amount? Would you like to participate on the Tasajera committee, assist with the variety show, travel to Tasajera?

To learn more about our partnership, please contact one of our team members: Pastor Melanie Oommen, 541-345-8741, Lisa Moeller, 541-543-8079, and W.Brent Arnold, 541-915-8428.

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    June 26, 2017 - June 30, 2017
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