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Serve the Church

group-photo-3Our spirits are nurtured in giving relationships.

These activities will help you find your place within the church community and provide opportunities to give.

Earth Stewardship

eaTe4eRi4Changes to Recycling Centers at the Church

Our Mission Statement: “We commit to actively cherish and protect the good Earth that God has provided as our home.”

For several years now the FCC Earth Stewardship Team has managed two recycling centers at the church, hoping to make recycling easier for church members.  In both centers, there were places for garbage, a commingle recycling bin to collect what is recycled by the garbage company, a place for glass and places for what we called “beyond commingle recycling,” which collected items that are recyclable in the community but not in the commingle bin.

Over the last couple of years, however, maintaining two recycling centers has become increasingly harder. There are still many consumer decisions made that involve large amounts of packaging which we all wish were recyclable.  The fact is, that most of this packaging is not recyclable and the Earth Stewardship Team has ended up putting a great deal of what is left in the recycling centers into the church trash.  In an effort to remedy this we needed to make some changes. We have decided to move the “beyond commingle recycling” effort to the downstairs recycling center ONLY.  We have also decided to limit our collection efforts to things that are harder to recycle and make the most impact.

The Church community is welcome to recycle the following “beyond commingle” items in the downstairs recycling center:

  • Styrofoam Blocks and pellets
  • Small electronics
  • Small cans and metal lids
  • Lithium and rechargeable batteries ONLY

There are labeled drawers in which to place these items and a blue bin for bagged styrofoam pellets and block styrofoam. Please separate your items and leave them in bags that are easier for us to transport. And, of course, all items must be clean and dry!

The FCC Earth Stewardship Team “beyond commingle recycling” effort will NO LONGER collect:

  • Wine corks (Take these to MECCA or BRING)
  • Metal bottle wrappers (Take to BRING)
  • Plastic bags (Take to a grocery store or Glenwood)
  • Small Tetrapacks (Take to Glenwood)
  • Alkaline batteries (Trash)
  • Any other kind of plastic (Trash at this point)

As a reminder, local garbage company commingle bin efforts collect only specific items:

  • Plastic: tubs, bottles, jugs  over 6 oz only with NO LIDS
  • Cardboard: no plastic
  • Mixed paper: no paper cups, plates, tissue napkins
  • Newspaper
  • Metal cans over 6 oz, NO LIDS, aluminum cans and foil in fist sized balls
  • Tetrabacks  a quart and larger
  • Gable top milk/juice cartons 1/2 gal and larger
  • Glass jars and bottles in a separate bin NO LIDS

We will also keep a shelf of potentially reusable items for you to take and reuse.  Currently there are large cans and a small styrofoam cooler available.

Thanks and Blessings from Mary Mowday and Terri Brown

Remember Rethink makes it easier to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!


Church Board

churchBoardOur governance is “congregational,” which means that the members own the church and make all major decisions about money, mission, and staffing.

The congregation of members elect a nine-person Church Board to provide ongoing leadership, planning, program evaluation, and fiscal oversight.  In congregational meetings budgets are presented, priorities are discussed, and leadership is elected.

Board members serve three-year terms and can be nominated by any member.  Potential board members must have had previous church committee, task force, or other leadership experience, and have the endorsement of three other First Congregational UCC members.   

The Board meets on the third Tuesday of the month at noon and provides spiritual and missional leadership on behalf of the congregation. In addition to board meetings, each member also serves on one or more standing committees or task forces.  If you are interested, please contact staff. A nomination form is made available each spring, and the election of board members occurs at the June Congregational Meeting.

Current Board Members, term ends in June:

Liz Gill, 2018, Moderator

Lynne Hellesvig, 2018, Vice Moderator

John Hudspeth, 2017

Ginny Dunphy, 2017

Mary Otten, 2017

Gil James, 2018

Royce Saltzman, 2019

Don Hanson, 2019

Julia Lindberg, Treasurer

Julie Jessal, Clerk

Jenny Allen, Past Moderator


Facilities Management Committee

The Facilities Management Committee is responsible for the maintenance and enhancement of the Church building, grounds, furnishings, equipment, and art. The Committee makes recommendations to the Church Board on matters related to facilities safety, use and budget, capital improvements, insurance, technical and aesthetic design.  

Staff contact: Scott Wiggins, 541-345-8741.

Committee Chair: Jim Weston.

Family Ministries Committee

The Family Ministries Committee plans, coordinates and oversee policies, programs, resources, and personnel to provide a comprehensive ministry which includes education for all ages, intergenerational opportunities for spiritual development, and fellowship events.  

Staff contact: Gretchen Jewett, 541-345-8741.

Weekly Volunteers needed:

  • 11 – Sunday School Teachers (6 week commitments/team teach)
  • 4 – OWL: Sexuality and Our Faith leaders for 8th graders (training required)
  • 3 – Youth Group Leaders

Justice and Witness Ministries Committee

The Justice and Witness Ministries Committee provides vision and leadership for the many and varied social justice ministries at FCC and sustains our church’s covenant with the United Church of Christ through the Central Pacific Conference.. The Committee also recommends a budget and calendar of special mission offerings to the Board.

Staff contact: Pastor Melanie Oommen, 541-345-8741.

Parish Life Committee

The Parish Life Committee is responsible for creating opportunities for persons to actively participate in the Church communal life. The Committee coordinates and supports programs in membership recruitment, fellowship & hospitality, caregiving, & relational groups. The Committee oversees a system of volunteer recruitment, training, support, coordination, and recognition.

Staff contact: Trisha Chapman, 541-345-8741.

Committee Chair: Susan Simonton

Weekly Volunteers Needed:

  • 6 – Welcomers
  • 2 – Fellowship Hour hosts
  • 2-4 Greeters (can be families)
  • 10- Wednesday Night connections supper

Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Committee supports and maintains an open relationship between the Ministers and members of the Congregation. Acting within an atmosphere of confidentiality, each committee serves as a support group for its respective minister and assists in developing solutions in areas of conflict or challenge within the ministry.

Preschool Committee

The Preschool Committee is responsible for overseeing the operations of the Congregational Preschool. The Preschool is financially self-supporting and  provides a scholarship program. The Preschool is open to the community, and children of First Congregational members are given priority in registration. The Preschool does not teach religious doctrine. Preschool Committee members need not be active in the Church.  The CPS Committee usually meets the fourth Tuesday of the month at 12:30 p.m.

Staff contact: Pastor Janet Scott, 541-345-8741

Stewardship Committee

The Stewardship Committee shall educate the Church about the meaning of Christian stewardship, as well as plan and coordinate an annual enlistment of financial pledges.  Meets as needed during the campaign.

Staff contact: Pastor Jonathan Morgan, 541-345-8741

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee works with the Ministers in guiding, supporting, and coordinating the worship, sacramental, and music programs of the Church. The Committee shall recommend policy regarding use of the sanctuary and instruments.

Staff contact: Pastor Jonathan Morgan, 541-345-8741.

Committee Chair: Michael Omogrosso.

Weekly Volunteers needed:

  • 4 – Ushers
  • 1 – Liturgist
  • 1 – Sound System operator
  • 1 – Altar coordinator
  • Chancel Choir, Ensemble, Bell Choir, Joyful Noise Choir
  • 6 – Communion Servers (1st Sunday of the Month)


Adult Education

Our church’s vision statement says  that “We are called by God to be a Christian Church, seeking to live Jesus’ vision of community and mission.”  In keeping with that vision, the purpose of the Adult Education Committee is to plan, implement, and support adult learning opportunities of all kinds that enlighten, empower, and ultimately help transform our lives as individual Christians and collectively as a church of Jesus Christ.  

These opportunities abound within the life of our church, beginning with Sunday morning classes, forums, and sharing groups, and extend throughout the week in the form of Bible study groups, contemplative prayer cells, the cultivation of spiritual disciplines, and numerous hands-on service projects designed to relate our personal faith to the demands of sacrificial giving and living.  

Members wishing to become involved in this ministry are encouraged to seek out and participate in any of the many offerings available and to make their interests known to the adult education committee or contact the church office.


Library Working Group

We invite you to take some time to visit the library and the Parent Resource Center, peruse the shelves to see the wealth of information and inspiration available there and take advantage of these resources to enrich your life!

The main library is located near the church offices and is open anytime the church is open except when groups have reserved it for meetings, work sessions or other gatherings. We also maintain a special collection of books in the Parent Resource Center located on the east wall of the Peter Horn Lounge. Our new book on parenting will be housed there. Materials (except periodicals) may be checked out for a period of one month.

image of compact disc

Did you miss church on Sunday, but don’t want to miss the worship service?

Is there a sermon or special music you would like to hear again?

Want to share the service with a friend who can no longer get to church?

 Stop by the church library and check out the CD of any Sunday’s worship service!

Borrow…listen…return. It’s that simple.

The Library is administered by the Library Committee which is responsible for maintaining and enhancing the collection. Donations are always welcome, subject to guidelines.  The committee offers opportunities for all volunteers who have a desire to work in a library setting and help make this valuable resource better.  If you are interested in volunteering or donating, contact the church office.


Each person who joins the church will be given a mentor as a “go to” person to help them join more fully in the life of the church.  If you would like to be a mentor to help someone assimilate, please contact Pastor Janet.

Prayer Chain

Prayer Chain is a ministry of the church to support one another.  If you have a prayer concern, please contact a pastor or call the church office and the prayer chain will join you in prayer.

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