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Serve the Church

group-photo-3Our spirits are nurtured in giving relationships.

These activities will help you find your place within the church community and provide opportunities to give.

Earth Stewardship

eaTe4eRi4Recycling Centers at the Church

Our Mission Statement: “We commit to actively cherish and protect the good Earth that God has provided as our home.”

Mary Mowday and Terri Brown team up to keep the material flowing through the church recycling centers.  We collect items that should NOT be put in your regular commingle recycle bin at home.  You may bring the following items to church and leave them in either of the two church recycling centers:

  • Metal can lids and tops
  • Cans less than 6 oz..
  • Styrofoam solids and pellets (no food trays or clam shells)
  • Plastic bags and film—this includes dry cleaner bags, grocery bags, shrink-wrap, retail bags (no black), bubble wrap, and soda rings (If it crinkles, it is garbage!)
  • Wine corks and metal wrap
  • Hand-held electronics such as phones, games, pads, earphones.
  • Tetrapaks (soup and broth boxes), small milk cartons all less than 1 quart
  • NiCad and rechargeable batteries (alkaline batteries go in the garbage since they no long have mercury in them)
  • Hearing Aid batteries

Please note that everything should be CLEAN and dry.

Remember Rethink makes it easier to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

If you have questions please feel free to call me at 541-741-1543 or email me at gmuterri@gmail.com.  Being a Master Recycler is one of the best jobs in my life and I’m never happier than when I can help answer a question.

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