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Donate hereFirst Congregational Church is excited to announce that you may now manage your giving online!  Giving online is easy and allows you to set up automatic recurring contributions and view your complete online giving history from anywhere you have access to the Internet. Simply follow these easy steps:

  • Click Donate to go to a secure website.
  • Click on the Create Profile button, then
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to create an online profile and to schedule your recurring contributions.

Cloth banner "Open Hands"Estimate of Giving

Please, prayerfully consider how your financial gift might impact the full breadth and depth of our ministry.  Fill out the estimate of your financial contributions to the church in 2017, either on the paper copy mailed to your home or the form below.

Our church budget is built each year on Estimates which are the intentions for monetary contributions in the upcoming year.  You can easily fill out the form below and click “submit” to confidentially send it directly to our bookkeeper.

Click to complete an Estimate of Giving form

Photo of banner Refresh, Restore, RejoiceIt’s wonderful to be part of God’s ministry and mission in this community, there are many ways to contribute.

A Note from the Stewardship Team

If you haven’t offered your estimate of giving yet for 2017 please drop off your Estimate of Giving card as soon as possible or “Click to Estimate Your Giving in 2017” link below. This will allow you to confidentially send your estimate directly to our bookkeeper, Kim Dorr.  We very much appreciate your faithful support and your effort to help the Church Board plan for our ministry programming in 2017.

Click to Estimate Your Giving in 2017

You can also call the church office (541-345-8741) and indicate your intention by phone.

This year, thanks to your generous and faithful support, we were able to capture the vision to build a church of every generation, which included our ongoing intergenerational “Wednesday Night Connections” program.  These Wednesday evening suppers and programs, like the Sacred Conversations Series, continue to be very well received and considered life sustaining (through some pretty incredible meals!) and faith enriching!

For this coming year, the Church Board has prioritize a vision to strengthen our youth ministry program.  Presently, we are identifying the appropriate staffing model to support our young people and their families through a strengthened relationship with this faith community and a deepening faith in our loving God. We are very excited about the impact this ministry initiative will have on the lives of our young people.  Help us meet this important ministry goal as we start an exciting new year of ministry at FCC!

Again, thank you for all the ways that you support the ministries of First Congregational Church.

FCC Stewardship Committee:  Donna Sampson, Renee Buchanan, Royce Saltzman, Liz Gill, Kim Esrig, Joanne Whitfield and Pastor Jonathan

This is the Day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Psalm 118

Automatic Pledge Payments

Please consider an automatic pledge payment.   It is secure and helps balance the cash flow for both the church and home budgets. The church bookkeeper can provide you more information and help create an electronic account for your stewardship. Electronic funds transfers (EFT) can easily be set up for your annual pledge and will need to be updated each year.

To discuss ways of giving, contact the Bookkeeper, 541-345-8741

Stock Transfers to FCC

When we receive stock transfers from Financial Institutions, they arrive without donors identified. If you initiate transfers, or intend to in the future, please inform our bookkeeper, so that we can apply your donations as you wish.

Good Samaritan Fund

You know the story of the Good Samaritan, the unlikely servant who helps an injured man on the road. But perhaps you have little knowledge of the Good Samaritan fund at FCC.

People often call the church office and talk about their needs before they come in. The Good Samaritan fund is typically disbursed in $35- $50 increments, averaging $12,000 annually. Occasionally Good Sam funds pay utilities or rent, consistent with the aim to prevent homelessness. Money for food is not often given, as several options are available in Eugene/Springfield for free food. Consider giving towards the Good Samaritan Fund this year.

The needs are great, as you can imagine. “There but for the grace of God go I…”


The First Congregational Church Foundation, Inc. is a ministry of First Congregational UCC with the mission of developing long-term financial support for the church.

All members are urged to consider a gift to the Foundation.

Assets are managed by the Foundation Directors in accord with the needs of the church, directions of donors, and the biblical values of justice, compassion, and stewardship.

As the Foundation’s endowment grows, so does the amount the Foundation Directors can disburse to the church each year to supplement and enhance our annual church budget.

The Foundation is a vital part of the financial health of the church. By necessity, churches all over the country must rely more and more on the support of well-managed, long-term assets. First Congregational United Church of Christ is no different. Foundation allocations have been used in a variety of ways, including improvements and maintenance of our church building, annual college scholarship for our youth, music program enhancements, and a $300,000 donation towards the addition to our building. All of this is possible because of you, our members.

The Foundation Balance as of December 31, 2016 is approximately $1,049,799.

The Gift that Endures

The Foundation provides a way for members and friends of First Congregational United Church of Christ to make a gift or bequest of lasting value and enduring benefit to supplement and enhance the ongoing work of the church.

How You Can Participate

The Foundation offers ample flexibility in the making of gifts, either as bequests, memorials, or direct gifts.

BEQUESTS – The Foundation may be listed as a beneficiary in a life insurance policy; or for money or property in a will. Given the economic uncertainties of the world today, the Foundation Directors recommends that the provision in a will of larger monetary gifts be in terms of a percentage of the estate rather than a fixed sum.

MEMORIALS – Bereaved families often welcome suggestions for appropriate memorials to a loved one. The Foundation is prepared to serve as the vehicle for establishing such lasting tributes.

DIRECT GIFTS – There are times when people wish to express their gratitude for special blessings: occasions such as births, wedding anniversaries, recovery from illness or injury, or for other personal reasons. The Foundation welcomes gifts of this kind.

Some Basic Facts

The Foundation provides careful oversight for all extra-budgetary funds received by the church and arranges for their investment or other use in a manner consistent with the church’s continuing mission.

Foundation funds may be used immediately or deferred for later use, according to the wishes of the donor. Gifts to the Foundation can be designated for a specific purpose, or they may be given without designation. The income of such funds is made available to the Church Board for the support and maintenance of the church or for special needs. The principal of unrestricted funds may be spent only by approval of a two-thirds vote of the Foundation Directors.

For Further Information

Anyone may inquire of a Minister, a Foundation Director member, or the Church office for more detailed information. Requests are held in confidence and entail no obligation whatever.

Foundation 7 Elected Directors:

  • Clark Compton, President, 2017
  • David Bong, 2017
  • Wendy Laing, 2017
  • Tony Foy, 2018
  • Jordan Papé, 2018
  • Jean Stover, 2018
  • Patricia Wilson, 2017

2 Appointed Directors:

  • Jonathan Morgan, Senior Minister
  • Liz Gill, Church Board Moderator

Supporting non-voting members:

  • Michelle Service, Bookkeeper
  • Susan Kauble, Financial Advisor

Foundation Directors Meetings

Scheduled meetings are usually on the last Wednesday of the month following the end of the quarter at 12:00/noon in the church Library.

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